Spring has finally arrived in Chicago, Illinois as families and friends venture out to one to the most recognizable attractions in all of the city - Cloud Gate, more commonly referred to as "The Bean
A family takes a photo as people and the Chicago skyline reflects in the background. The Bean, a public sculpture by Sir Anish Kapoor, is a popular attraction and photo opportunity for both tourists and Chicago residents.
A woman laughs as her photo is being taken in front of the Bean. The sculpture is located in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois in Millennium Park.
Another family takes a photo in the reflection of the Bean. The stainless steel structure is completely reflective, making opportunities for "selfies" extremely pertinent.
A bride and her bridesmaids visit the Bean in the days leading up to her wedding to take group photos.
The Bean has a 12-foot arch, allowing visitors to walk underneath the sculpture and their reflection from above.
Crowds look at their distorted reflections from underneath the Bean.
Two children inspect the ground from a crevice in the sculpture.
A woman hula hoops next to the Bean.
Two people demonstrate stunt techniques for a few spectators. The Bean's placement as the centerpiece of Millennium Plaza's AT&T Plaza draws many performance groups.
Later, several more visitors join in with the performance group as various stunts are demonstrated.

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