I hate my body.​​​​​​​
I hate that my body isn’t what it was a year ago.
I hate that my jeans can’t fit anymore.
I hate that I had to buy new jeans.
I hate the larger size I had to get.
I hate the number 10.
I hate looking in the mirror.
I hate the panic attacks that occur after.
I hate that I think I don’t deserve to eat.
I hate how I think the only acceptable food to eat is fruit.
I hate when I don’t eat.
I hate when I have to.
I hate laxatives.
I hate having goals to work out every day.
I hate when I don’t.
I hate that my thoughts about my body consumes most of my mind.
I hate that it has my entire life.
I hate my eating disorder.
I hate the roundness off my face.
I hate my arms.
I hate my muffin top.
I hate my saddle bags.
I hate my butt.
I hate my thighs.
I hate my body.

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